The Best Times Are  Always Just Around the Next Corner!

The 2019  Holiday dinner - dance was a huge success thanks to the S2 event committee and all those GWRRA members from around the State who attended. Good friends, good food  and great music equates to a GOOD TIME had by all!  We also remember our GWRRA family members who  transitioned unexpectedly this year.  May they rest in peace. 

Well, it looks like we made it through another Winter season , and I'm glad about it. Although riding as a group wasn't convenient,  we still managed to do a few things as the MCW S2 crew. Once the holidays ended, a few  S2 members went on the GWRRA's annual Wingers-n-Waves Caribbean cruise in February, 2020. The theme of the cruise was 'Golden Girls and the 70's.  There was another group on board who was also celebrating  and we managed to really whoop it up. There were many Sophias , Blanches, Dorothys and Roses all over the place.  We enjoyed seeing all of them. Our Wingers-n-Waves group also had a costume contest, and as it turned out, within our GWRRA cruisers,  we shared a first place win with another Winger.  That was exciting. (More moments are shared on the  District's FB site).

If you've ever participated in a silent Disco,  you know how much fun it was to be listening to and dancing to your own choice of music. Awesome.  

We got off the ship at each destination and we were fortunate enough to be cruising during the growing Coronovirus crisis.  Some ships in port were not allowing their passengers to disembark due to reported illness. We did excursions, walking tours and a lot of fun things offered through the cruise line. All in all, we had a fantastic time!

And then there was the District's Wingless Weekend, located in our backyard: Chelsea, MI.,  the last weekend in February.  The theme was 70's  Flower Power.  Once again we had a great time! We won 3rd place for chapter costumes,  2nd and 3rd place for individual costume,  and 3rd place for centerpiece competition. The one great thing about participating in the various activities the organization offers at the chapter, district and national level is getting to know others.  S2 is on the map delivering friendship and good times. You guys should come join us...

As we enter the riding season, let's remember that it's always good when we're all together.  So let's plan to visit our sister chapters in greater numbers because S2 really impressed them with our participation this winter.

Don't forget to always read your Wing World Magazine for the latest and greatest information concerning our exceptional International GWRRA family.  The April 2020 issue has  my article about our  Americade ride and how much we  experience as co-riders .       

Charlene .


It's time to look forward to another great year of road time and fellowship with other riders wherever the road leads us. Let's  start by creating  some memorable experiences  for our own group.  Each one of us is suffering from cabin fever,  but  the weather will begin to cooperate soon.  

See you at the meetings!



Thanks to everyone and we wish that you and your families enjoy the holiday and best wishes for the New Year. 

The  Picnic committee thanks each and every one of you for the part you played in ensuring that we had a MORE than successful event for 2019! Perhaps you sold tickets, provided donations, helped to set up and break down, greeted our guests, served food,... ANY and EVERYTHING you did was appreciated! If it wasn't for the dedicated teamwork, the outcome could have been different. A special shout-out to our director and the vendors who made the new bikes available for review and demonstration rides.

We are ever so grateful for the dozens of GWRRA members from chapters all over the State, who supported our gathering. See you at the Michigan Rally!

Now that we've gotten past the holidays, it's time to push the 'renewal and refresh' button. 

To accomplish this reset in attitude , we have to do our parts and become involved in the chapter activities. We start by creating new opportunities for generating excitement throughout our group.  We all know that we're suffering from cabin fever. The great thing is : Nature's help is on the way, and Spring can't come soon enough !  In the meantime, one or two of the things we can do now involves getting out and about, visiting our associate chapter members.  It's wonderful to show up and engage in their gatherings.  As a matter of fact, a few of us did just that in visiting Chapter C for dinner and conversation recently.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The 2019 Wingless Weekend event was held in Houghton Lake on February 14-17th.  Seven members from S-2 were there.  We were involved, and it paid off richly.  There were competitions we entered and received 2nd place for Amos, our Mascot, 2nd place for the door decoration, 3rd place in each category for individual and chapter best dressed.  But one of the most rewarding activities was the fellowship with and among the organization's Michigan, Indiana and Ohio attendees. The more we do, the more energized and involved we'll become. That translates into memorable moments in our lives!

Let's do this S-2! Plan to review our upcoming ride schedule and strive to be the Michigan Chapter of the Year!  How exciting that will be!


Your Sunshine Corner Members


This year  turned out to be symbolic of the expression: 'The only constant is change', quite appropriate in regards to S-2 .  The best thing we can do is to embrace our change. 

 Looking back over the last few years , we must give our former Chapter Director's (CD) a tremendous amount of  gratitude and thanks for the leadership service they rendered  to our chapter during their tenure.  Last year our newly appointed  CD and  Assistant CD moved into their new volunteer positions without hesitation. Without volunteerism,  this chapter  and GWRRA wouldn't function smoothly therefore,  all members are essential to that functional operation.  

The acting ride coordinator and other members were busy mapping out the season.  There were so many exciting experiences we shared together and individually.  The information was made available through the meetings, group emails and on our website. The listing of many planned short and overnight trips allowed members and their guests to plan accordingly. 

Our State and Country have unlimited must-see destinations worth exploring and the Michigan District Safari riding booklet available through our District Director,  provided another fantastic guide for rides. Let's not forget the many associate chapters, the State Rally, Wingding National Rally and our awesome S2 RibFest picnic  events that happened this past summer! 

You see, spring 2019 will eventually spring forward and with it a variety of new experiences will be going on in our Chapter and State. Let's make this new riding and fellowship season of change a welcome and memorable one!  The group that rides together will benefit greatly together.  

Let's go S-2!


Happy New Year S-2 ! , and what a year we've had...

There were many notable things we experienced as a group and individually that we'll never forget.  Sadly, we've suffered losses within our chapter and families.  We will never forget them.   But as the cycle of life unfolds, we must look forward to the future - to new beginnings.

From the Treasury side of things, all of our reconciliations and financial reports are complete.  Thank you everyone.

To continue showcasing the positive, let's begin our 2018 in the spirit of how we ended 2017.  Our Christmas Dinner dance was a success ! This year can be our year of renewed attitudes and enthusiasm.  Let's work to make our chapter one of the most exciting and growing ones in the state.  

Now it's on to new adventures. Applying the principles of GWRRA : Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, is something we can do! The "knowledge and safety" are consistently being given to us through our fantastic Rider Ed spokesman.  The "family" is valid because we ARE family.  So what we need to concentrate on is the "fun".

Some of us are old enough to remember the movie The Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy is told that in order to get where she needed to go, she had to start at the beginning of the "yellow brick road" and head toward Oz.  Using this framework for S-2, we need to be consistently invested in our chapter gatherings and activities:

1. There are lots of interesting and new ride destinations as well as outings being planned...please let's participate.  We can start by marking our calendars to include our summer picnic and our winter Christmas event.

2. The next step down that "yellow brick road" is visiting others. Let's plan to go in number,to visit associate chapters, participating and supporting their activities.  When we do this, they in turn support us.

3.  Further on "down the road" we should plan on attending the district level events:


a.The winter Wingless Weekend event coming in March.

b. The summer MI Rally event in mid- summer.  (Check the website for further information).

4. Finally, arriving at "Oz", we should plan on going to the national event, The Wing Ding in late August in Knoxville, TN.

Now wouldn't S-2 be something if we incorporated our group activities and rides along with all these fantastic activities?  I'm excited knowing what's ahead for us and we're ready to get started. We hope you are too!