From The Chapter Treasurer

This year is turning out to be symbolic of the expression: 'The only constant is change', quite appropriate in regards to S-2 .  The best thing we can do is to embrace our change. 

 Looking back over the last few years , we must give our former Chapter Director (CD) a tremendous amount of  gratitude and thanks for the leadership service he rendered  to our chapter during his tenure.  Looking forward, we congratulate our newly appointed  CD and  Assistant CD as they move into their new volunteer positions.  Without volunteerism,  the chapter  and GWRRA wouldn't function smoothly therefore,  all members are essential to that functional operation.  

The acting ride coordinator and other members have been busy mapping out the season.  There are so many exciting things coming our way.  Their efforts are available through emails and on our website. The listing of many planned short and overnight trips will allow members and their guests to plan accordingly. 

Our State and Country have unlimited must-see destinations worth exploring and the Michigan District Safari riding booklet available through our Assistant District Director,  provides another fantastic guide for rides. Let's not forget the many associate chapters, the State Rally, Wingding National Rally and our awesome S2 RibFest picnic this summer! 

You see, spring will eventually spring foward and with it a variety of experiences going on in our Chapter. Let's make this season of change a welcome and memorable process.  The group that rides together will benefit greatly.  

Let's go S-2!

Happy New Year S-2 ! , and what a year we've had...

There were many notable things we experienced as a group and individually that we'll never forget.  Sadly, we've suffered losses within our chapter and families.  We will never forget them.   But as the cycle of life unfolds, we must look forward to the future - to new beginnings.

From the Treasury side of things, all of our reconciliations and financial reports are complete.  Thank you everyone.

To continue showcasing the positive, let's begin our 2018 in the spirit of how we ended 2017.  Our Christmas Dinner dance was a success ! This year can be our year of renewed attitudes and enthusiasm.  Let's work to make our chapter one of the most exciting and growing ones in the state.  

Now it's on to new adventures. Applying the principles of GWRRA : Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, is something we can do! The "knowledge and safety" are consistently being given to us through our fantastic Rider Ed spokesman.  The "family" is valid because we ARE family.  So what we need to concentrate on is the "fun".

Some of us are old enough to remember the movie The Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy is told that in order to get where she needed to go, she had to start at the beginning of the "yellow brick road" and head toward Oz.  Using this framework for S-2, we need to be consistently invested in our chapter gatherings and activities:

1. There are lots of interesting and new ride destinations as well as outings being planned...please let's participate.  We can start by marking our calendars to include our summer picnic and our winter Christmas event.

2. The next step down that "yellow brick road" is visiting others. Let's plan to go in number,to visit associate chapters, participating and supporting their activities.  When we do this, they in turn support us.

3.  Further on "down the road" we should plan on attending the district level events:


a.The winter Wingless Weekend event coming in March.

b. The summer MI Rally event in mid- summer.  (Check the website for further information).

4. Finally, arriving at "Oz", we should plan on going to the national event, The Wing Ding in late August in Knoxville, TN.

Now wouldn't S-2 be something if we incorporated our group activities and rides along with all these fantastic activities?  I'm excited knowing what's ahead for us and we're ready to get started. We hope you are too!